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Image Source:Reuters

According to UN News on May 12, At a special session in Geneva, the UN Human Rights Council overwhelmingly adopted a draft resolution on “the deterioration of the human rights situation in Ukraine caused by the Russian aggression,” calling for a strengthened review of the human rights situation in Ukraine, in particular to assess the violations or abuses of human rights in Mariupol. 

The Human Rights Council vote was 33 in favor, 12 abstentions, with China and Eritrea voting against.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said there are increasing reports and testimonies of possible war crimes in Ukraine, particularly in areas that have recently remained under the control of Russian forces. This pattern of abuse continues to have widespread effects due to the “use of explosive weapons” in densely populated areas, such as the use of heavy artillery, including multi-shot rocket systems, as well as missiles and airstrikes. Thousands of civilian bodies have been found in the Kiev region alone. Some were killed in the hostilities, but others appear to have been summarily executed.

Following the suspension of Russia’s membership in the Human Rights Council by the UN General Assembly last month, the Czech Republic replaced Russia in the UN Commission on Human Rights on May 10 with a high vote of 157 to 23.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian argued that the political and confrontational nature of the Human Rights Council has further increased, with double standards and selective practices on the rise, hence China’s vote against it. Instead of condemning Russia’s atrocities of invading Ukraine and brutalizing its people, it is working against the international community, whose axis of evil has been exposed to the world and is also running wildly on the road to self-destruction.

  Source: https://news.un.org/zh/story/2022/05/1103052