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According to a report by Reuters on May 9, Moderna was sued by two biopharmaceutical companies for allegedly infringing patents on its COVID-19 vaccine production technology.  But Moderna denies infringement, citing its immunity from claims as a government supplier.

In February, two Pennsylvania-based biotechnology companies sued Moderna’s vaccine for infringing its patent on “lipid nanoparticle technology” that delivers genetic material into human cells.  Moderna collects royalties on billion-dollar vaccine sales.

But Moderna cited a federal law designed to prevent patent interference in the production of combat-ready materials during wartime, arguing that the COVID-19 crisis is at the heart of the law.  It also claimed that because it provided the government with a nationwide vaccination vaccine, the plaintiff should sue the federal government and exercise recourse in the Federal Claims Court.

News source:Moderna says U.S. on the hook in COVID-19 vaccine patent case

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