As the psychological abuse of the Chinese people at the hands of the CCP continues, health authorities around the world are bracing people for another round of restrictions and lockdowns.

Anthony Fauci is warning of more Covid lockdowns, despite admitting that the next variant set to be released on the public is even less serious than Omicron: “We can’t just say we’re done.”

Fauci, like the WEF and the CCP, is never ‘done’ with his power grab. New variants of the virus will be released, kicking off a new round of lockdowns. The medical tyranny is being cycled on and off, so that anytime opposition builds they’ll back off, only to bring it back again, knowing that people will resist less during each cycle.

People in Shanghai have been locked down for more than a month, enduring daily testing while starving and going without essentials such as medicine. And every now and then government officials will tease the people with a slight easing of the restrictions, only to re-implement them.

The ruling class, on a daily basis, are demonstrating that these restrictions are just for show. The elite show up at the Met gala maskless while the plebes all must attend to them fully masked. Justin Trudeau ALWAYS wears a mask in Canada, which has a 90% vaccination rate but takes it off when he goes to Ukraine for a photo-op where the vaccination rate is 35%.

This is the ‘science’ we’re not allowed to question. If you question it you get blocked, cancelled, demonetized, and de-platformed. The reason we’re not allowed to question the ‘science’ is because it isn’t science. Like the global warming hoax, it’s all a fraud.

And during this exercise in mind control, what government officials and their lackeys in the mainstream media always ignore is the survivability of the virus and the ineffectiveness of the vaccines.

Stephen Colbert, left-wing ideologue, has had to halt production of the ‘Late Show’ after contracting Covid-19 for the second time in three weeks, and the third time in the last year, despite receiving the Covid jab 4 times. 

Statistics clearly show that you’re much more likely to get Covid if you’ve been injected, and the more boosters people get, the sicker they get. And all the studies have shown that after getting the third and fourth boosters, the sicker people are getting. There are other studies showing massive increases in heart attacks and strokes among the vaxxed.

Whether it’s non-mRNA shots like J&J or Astra-Zenca or mRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna, the vaccines are designed to make you sick, or even kill you. Every Covid-19 vaccine creates the spike protein in your body; it’s ordering your own body to create what is killing you.

And now there are reports out of Japan, Europe, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of rising cases of unexplained acute hepatitis in children.  Some of these children are experiencing liver failure after getting the Covid jab; others simply from living with parents who received the jab.

The European Union wants to give away individuals’ personal medical data to pharmaceutical companies; Bill Gates wants to control every bit of information regarding Covid and the vaccines; and Xi Jinping still insists on maintaining a ‘zero-COVID’ policy it China’s most important cities.

It’s time to get off the psychological roller coaster.