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According to a report by CBC News on May 10, the Alberta Court of Appeal declared on the same day that the Environmental Impact Act previously enacted by the Canadian federal government was unconstitutional.  Trudeau immediately said that his government would appeal the court ruling.

The controversial bill, also known as Bill C-69, which was given royal assent by the British royal family in 2019, not only lists all the business practices that have prompted federal scrutiny, but also allows authorities to consider the impact on a range of environmental issues of new Canadian resource projects, including climate change. 

The Alberta court of appeal considered that Bill C-69 was intended to extend federal oversight to provincial jurisdictions.  But because environmental issues are not solely governed by the federal government, corporate conduct in the province will not be controlled by federal regulation as long as it is constitutional, and considerations of the environment and climate change should not take precedence over the distribution of power.

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