Description and Translation: Jenny Ball
Review: yuddy

Mother’s Day is May 8th, Sunday, and Miles emotionally spent a long time talking about it at the start of today’s live broadcast. Here is a rundown of some key points:

You have seen everything in the PPT about the role of mothers in Chinese culture and the history of Mother’s Day. I would like to add something that was not mentioned in the PPT. Did you know that the filial piety of all CCP officials towards their mothers and fathers is the polar opposite of the CCP’s evil side? I am not kidding when I say the CCP’s filial piety to their families and mothers, such as Xi Jinping. His filial piety to his mother is almost to the point of making him the most royal son in the world.

They are all filial sons to their mothers, just like current Premier Li Keqiang, Standing Committee Member Jia Qinglin, and former President Hu Jintao. They do, however, prevent Chinese people from honoring their parents. CCP considers their mother to be a goddess and a Bodhisattva. Others, on the other hand, cannot honor their parents because they can only be loyal to and honor the CCP.

However, Mao did not respect his parents, and after the CCP seized power in China, education in Chinese tradition and culture was so poor that China experienced a historical pause.

There is a tradition in Shandong province, China’s birthplace of Confucius, that when you are about to marry someone, you first look at his or her mother, which is the most reliable way to judge a person, not by how good or bad, rich or poor one’s family is, but by what kind of parents raised them.

Miles spoke about his mother:

My parents helped shape who I am today. My mother could not read or write, and I have eight brothers. Our family is very traditional, and we have never seen her barefoot in her life. It is difficult to imagine raising eight boys in such poverty in the poorest part of the countryside in Northeast China. It was incredible, especially given how little food we had.

In the face of major events, my parents never wavered from the principle. My parents have not become dissatisfied with a son like me. Until my mother died, she always asked for the price when she went shopping. We simply told her it was a few dollars, regardless of how much it cost. My family is large, with over a hundred members. My mother had never been conceited or extravagant. I would not be where I am today if it was not for my parents.

I have been preparing for 28 years to take down the CCP. In my dealings with the CCP, I admire my parents. They always said at the time that they were officials and they had guns, and we would never be the same as them. These people are not the good ones, because if they were, they would not be officials. My mother was right about the CCP when my younger brother was murdered by the CCP.

There are no requirements for real parents to teach their children. A good mother’s education means bringing their children to surpass her in the future, not to become a good child who obeys her mother’s words.

Men have feminized in Chinese society. This is due to the fact that Chinese mothers are far too powerful, and the father’s rule has been weakened. After the age of 18, Chinese parents still require their children to eat and drink with their parents. After the age of 18, Chinese education is nearly a disaster.

Miles released the song ‘Dear Mama’ last year in honor of Mother’s Day, which begins, “Mama, our weeping has moved God.” This sentence awoke many people within the CCP by touching their heart for their mother. This sentence is the power of my communication with the CCP system’s comrades, and it is more than a thousand words long.

Under the CCP’s evil system, this is the cleanest place. Mother is the most important link between the Whistleblower Movement and the CCP system’s followers. Mothers are an extremely important topic. You will know that China will be saved and the CCP will be destroyed if you can see this. We must destroy the CCP for the sake of mothers.

Link of Miles’ live broadcast May 8, 2022