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After being fired for donating $100 to the Freedom Convoy, a former Ontario government employee has filed a lawsuit against Premier Doug Ford, his chief of staff and Toronto Star reporters who leaked her donation privacy, Canadian online media True North reported May 7.

Marion Isabeau Ringuette donated to the Freedom Convoy in February when she was director of communications for Solicitor General Jones. After information about the Freedom Convoy donations was illegally leaked, Toronto Star reporters Charles and Andrew revealed Ringuette as one of the donors. Minutes after the reporters tried to contact Ringuette, she was fired from the Ontario Public Service. Currently, she is claiming $2 million from Ford and others for ruining her career. Ringuette said Ford and others decided to end her career only because they felt it would serve their political interests.

With the Ontario election approaching, Premier Ford decided to terminate Ms. Ringuette’s job because he and his campaign believed that opposing the Freedom Convoy would help them win the race, her lawyer said.

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