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According to a report of May 12 by Radio Free Asia, the number of confirmed cases of the CCP virus in Taiwan has gone up, so people have to wait in a long line to buy rapid screening reagents. Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council recently expressed that they can assist Taiwan in negotiating the purchase of rapid screening reagents from China as soon as possible. Some comments pointed out that on the one hand, the CCP is treating Taiwan with small benefits on the issue of testing reagents, but on the other hand, they are trying to stop Taiwan from participating in the World Health Assembly. In addition, Taiwan is once again invited to participate in the “Global CCP Virus Summit” hosted by the United States this year.

Although the epidemic is spreading in Taiwan, the policy is moving towards a new model of “living with the virus”, screening instead of quarantine and shortening the quarantine days for the people confirmed and the people who contact the confirmed ones. However, the rapid screening reagents provided by the government are limited, so the populace have to queue up and can only buy 5 doses per person.

Taiwan Affairs Office once said on the 7th that the CCP is willing to provide assistance in reagents. Mainland Affairs Council of Taiwan responded to the CCP with “taking care of your own people under the lockdown”, rejecting the CCP’s proposal in an ironic way.

Mainland Affairs Council highlighted on the 11th that it is not the first time that the CCP government have played a political card by right of the epidemic prevention supplies while the epidemic is getting worse and worse.

Zeng Congkai, executive director of the United Nations Association for the Advancement of Taiwan, who has long promoted Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Organization, said that when Taiwan was short of vaccines in 2021, China also said they would donate vaccines to Taiwan. Now it seems right that Taiwan insists on using European and American vaccines and self-produced vaccines. It later proved that the efficiency of Chinese vaccine was not enough, so the mainland insisted on dynamic zeroing policy.

Although Taiwan has not been able to participate in the World Health Assembly for five consecutive years, Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Ou Jiangan confirmed that Taiwan is invited to participate in “Global CCP Virus Summit” hosted by President Biden on May 12 online.

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Reference: 台湾疫情升温 两岸就快筛试剂及参与WHA再进行攻防

Original Article:中共以援助台湾中共病毒检测试剂阻台参加WHA – GNEWS

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