Author: Jin Ming
Translator: yuddy

The amount of change in Beijing scares me.

In the early morning, some owners in the community neighbourhood reported that the police who had blocked the neighbourhood had been withdrawn, leaving only the security guards, and that various neighbourhoods in the city area were once again lively. Just a few days ago, the call for a lack of food and medicine became as lively as the New Year, and there was more uncertainty than happiness. There is no notice about the seal; it is based on inquiries, community neighbourhood rumours, and habitual lateness. Only when the door is sealed is a notification sent, and when the seal is removed, another notification is sent.

The female protagonist of Movie << Painted Skin>>-Zhou Xun

In the morning, the nucleic acid testing continuetttttd, the community neighbourhood was unblocked, and the nucleic acid test points became scarce, and there were queues of more than one kilometer at each point. I wandered into the nearby neighbourhood, and since the neighbourhood has never been found to be positive, the security guard at the gate learned that I was from the neighbourhood that had just been unblocked and categorically refused to let me in. The grid management of the Chinese Communist tyrants is so refined that the pattern of mutual harm among ordinary people is deeply rooted. It was like reliving the Great Leap Forward, the Great Famine, and the deaths of people in the country more than 60 years ago; more than 60 years have passed, and the GDP has been boasted to be the world’s second largest. The facilities’ hardware development is extremely advanced; however, they still treat their citizens like beasts. There is no change in the management of the country, only further high-tech brainwashing and added harsh control methods.

When I got home, I had a bowl of Yangchun noodles, which reminded me of my grandmother’s cooking as a child. Then I was preoccupied with working from home. I had not heard the phone call, so whatever I did was pointless. Seeing that the Chinese Communist Party was about to perish, I chose to stay with them to spend this most difficult and darkest hour for the sake of my loved ones.

Though I am in a lot of pain.

I made rice, beef tenderloin with tea tree mushroom, and winter melon soup with wakame in the afternoon.

I went downstairs for a walk after eight o’clock in the evening. I went to see the community neighbourhood where a building was evicted a few days ago on purpose. I am horrified by the lifeless, empty building. Chills down my spine. Run up and quickly leave the area.

There are still few people on the street, and the vehicles that pass by are whizzing by.

I cannot decide which is colder: the heart or the weather.

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