May 13th, 2022

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According to a story by Breitbart on May 12th, 2022, it talks about how General Electric (GE) Healthcare is having massive problems due to a shortage of medical dye caused by the Chinese coronavirus lockdown of its production plant in Shanghai, mainland China, which has affected not only hospitals in the U.S. and Germany but also other regions of the world, well surprise surprise.

Wow, unfreakinbelievable the absolute naivety of the US administration as well as other so-called world leaders to actually depend on communist China for their incredibly vital medical equipment is staggering.

A spokesman for GE Healthcare recently said  that “the weeks-long outage at the company’s Shanghai production plant due to the city’s CCP virus COVID-19 lockdown is not only affecting U.S. hospitals but also other world regions it did not specify, though to a less extent.”

Some of the largest hospitals in the U.S. prepared this week to endure critical shortages of medical dye normally sourced from GE Healthcare’s Shanghai factory. The medical imaging-focused company, which is a subsidiary of the U.S.-based multinational conglomerate General Electric (GE), has responded to the shortage by asking its manufacturing plant in Ireland to increase its output of medical dye agents and sending the products to hospitals via expedited air freight shipments.

This is exactly what happens when you outsource vital medical manufacturing work to a hostile communist country, one that even openly states that America and the ‘West’ are seen as opposition and even competition, it seems hugely naive to put all your medical eggs in one basket.

GE Healthcare’s manufacturing plant in Shanghai reopened earlier this week after a month-long closure caused by the city’s brutal lockdown, which began on April 5th. Local health officials had yet to allow the factory to return to full capacity as of May 11th due to the Communist Party’s strict anti-epidemic policies or also called the anti-America policies meaning the medical dye shortages continued unabated.

Editors Comments: Surely this is yet another valuable lesson to be learned that outsourcing incredibly important medical diagnostic supplies to a hostile communist country is not such a great idea after all. The greed and insider dealings of these outrageous, security and health-threatening deals is totally staggering. How many people are getting rich while the American People are suffering not only from the loss of the jobs that have been simply given to communist China but also from the potentially dangerous situation of being held to ransom regarding the supply of vital medical equipment.

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