Author: Jin Ming
Translator: yuddy

The Shunyi district has erupted, and the nucleic acid tests in the city have odd and even numbers as well. Under the Chinese system, strange things will always emerge in an endless stream.

I was asked to perform nucleic acid testing before 6 a.m. The issue of a good citizen certificate to give hope to the slaves. I did not even bother to laugh when it was rumored that the lockdown would be lifted the next day. The CCP is so evil that ordinary people are not only kind and cowardly but also stupid.

After coming back, I could not sleep, so I made glutinous rice balls by myself. I had sweet wine at home, a proper Shanghai breakfast, with glutinous rice balls and sweet wine with eggs. After breakfast, I did jumping jacks, raised my legs high, and was sweating all over. While replaying the live broadcast of Seventh Brother, I worked out. Apart from the freedom to go out, everything else is fine.

In the morning, there were constant phone calls. The company’s business had been stagnant for nearly two weeks, and everyone was worried. There is, however, nothing that can be done. There were only two things in the Wechat friends’ circle. The first is testimony about being locked at home, and the second is the stock market crash. In recent days, fund investors and stock traders have lamented. It is possible to imagine what will happen to the country’s middle class as a result of the impending war and harsh Western sanctions. Perhaps this is the cost of stupidity. We all know these local financial experts are all swindlers, but they must continue to swindle. Who can save them?

Wednesday, a nucleic acid test place in Chaoyang distict

There was a lively scene in Shunyi district in the afternoon due to a cluster of infections. After two weeks of preliminary testing, the CCP thugs believe that Beijing residents are cowards. Their brainwashing has been successful, and yet still, local residents have great faith in the Chinese Communist Party. They believe that Beijing’s total lockdown will end soon.

Putin is also very brilliant. He is clearly being held up on the Ukrainian battlefield, but he can still hold a victory parade. The dictator’s paralysis is truly remarkable. When I was a child, I thought the Emperor’s New Clothes (a children’s story) was ridiculous. Looking at it now, only Emperor Putin and Xi can now practice such a delusional spiritual victory mindset. The battle damage was so severe that the parade lineup was pitiful. On the other hand, the war was commencing while the footage was being recorded, and it was then broadcast to the public. Artillery projectiles can be guided, and drones can strike helicopters. My appreciation for US military technology has grown.

In addition, beginning tomorrow, the nucleic acid test will require both odd and even numbers. You never know where Communist Party officials’ bottom lines are!

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