Author: Jin Ming
Translator: yuddy

The frog was gradually cooked by warm water without knowing the threat.

Today is the seventh day of the seal on the door, and the seal can be lifted. The city area is still unable to travel. A Dabai (epidemic staff wearing a clean-room suit), according to rumors, tested positive for nucleic acid.

Eight days have passed in a daze, and the seal does not work for me. Today can be considered free from home isolation. The paper seal was removed. For me, even though my body is in Beijing, my soul has long been outside of mainland China.

I have felt the iron fist of the Chinese Communist Party, the excitement of Seventh Brother’s gung-ho spirit to overcome all obstacles along the way, and the pleasure of self-sacrificing alongside his comrades, and all that remains is to go all out.

However, this piece of paper has sealed how many hearts yearn for freedom, the sorrow of the Chinese people, not only ignorance of the truth, blindly chasing fame, but the deeper problem is a lack of independent thinking ability, and even courage!!

In the nearby community neighborhood, one of Dabai tested positive for nucleic acid. Following that, the iron fence of the community neighborhood wall was directly installed with steel plates. That hole I dug was completely useless.

Nonetheless, I stil have a solution.

Following the 2020 lockdown, I opened a fire window on the security window, which is normally locked. It comes in handy in situations like this. I have a climbing rope at home, so I can simply climb down. Fortunately, I live on the third floor.

Every day, 40 to 50 positive cases are reported in Beijing, giving people around us a lot of hope. They are all confident that Beijing will not be put on lockdown. Another trait shared by Chinese people is forgetfulness. This was also the case in Shanghai at first. The CCP frequently employs the same techniques to gradually increase negative stimulus that would otherwise be rejected if performed all at once. Everyone is living aimlessly like an animal under the influence of a culture that has nothing to do with themselves, always only living in the moment and daily numbing their own consciousness and cognition. Gradually lose the ability to think and consciously accept all types of news and information from WeChat, Weibo, and TikTok.


Do not know tomorrow. Yesterday is over. Live today.

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