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It is reported on May 12, that the United States and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit will hold a two-day meeting starting on the 12th of this month. On the 11th, Campbell, the coordinator for Indo-Pacific affairs of the White House National Security Council, delivered a speech at a meeting held by a think tank in Washington.

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The US-led’ New Economic Partnership’ Indo-Pacific Economic Partnership (IPEF = Indo-Pacific Economic Framework) is expected to start later this month. “Many Southeast Asian countries have shown a positive attitude of concern,” Campbell said. Many Southeast Asian countries have expressed their willingness to participate in the IPEF and to join the United States against China. A considerable number of participants will lay a solid foundation for IPEF. “

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Campbell said to include the Taiwan Strait issue is in the discussion. It is crucial that what is happening in Ukraine should never occur in Asia. “Campbell stressed that the United States, together with the ASEAN countries, will contain China, which put constant pressure on Taiwan.


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