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On May 11, the National Business Daily reported that the information released by the operator of the Ukrainian gas transportation pipeline network showed that the volume of Russian gas transported through Ukraine on that day may drop by a quarter due to the suspension of work at the Sokhranivka gas transit station located in Ukraine.

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Russia is the world’s richest country in terms of natural gas resources, with the highest production volume and the largest consumption of natural gas in the world, as well as the longest gas pipeline and the largest export volume in the world. It is known as the “Kingdom of Natural Gas”.

According to statistics, Russia’s natural gas reserves, production and consumption in 2005 accounted for 27.5%, 21.6% and 14.7% of the world total respectively. At the current level of extraction, Russia’s proven gas reserves can be exploited for 79 years. Russia has been exporting gas to Europe for 25 years, and in 2005 the volume of exports was 156.1 billion cubic meters, with export revenues of 619.1 billion rubles. The main exports were to Germany (36 bcm), Belarus (22 bcm), Turkey (18 bcm), France (13.2 bcm), Hungary (9 bcm), Slovakia (7.5 bcm), the Czech Republic (7.4 bcm), Poland (7 bcm), Austria (6.8 bcm) and Romania (5 bcm), and other European countries is 24.2 billion cubic meters

Ukraine is the bridgehead of Russia in Europe, and Russia, which depends on exporting oil and gas, must pass through Ukraine in its transport pipelines, and this time the volume of Russian gas transported through Ukraine in transit fell by a quarter. The reduction of Russian oil and gas supplies is equal to the loss of Russia’s pocketbook and the loss of trade contacts all over the world, which also makes Russia now excluded from the world to the edge of the earth, and for the crimes committed by the Russian dictator, they will be greeted with disintegration and trial.

resource【乌境内一天然气中转站暂停工作 预计当日俄天然气运输量将下降1/4】

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