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Translated by: Himalaya Melbourne Athena — Lish

In a Live Broadcast on May 11, Miles Guo again spoke of the downfall of the Russian St. Petersburg gang.

Miles said that before the Russian-Ukrainian war, Russian tycoons enjoyed the world’s highest quality of life; their everyday food and clothing reflected an extraordinarily extravagant and luxurious desire. However, economic sanctions imposed by Europe and the United States against the aggression of the Moscow authorities have left Russia’s once glory to be lost in an instant, and the assets of these tycoons are being seized.

Earlier, Miles revealed that the rich people of St. Petersburg had been planning a conspiracy, that is, to use Xi Jinping’s fondness for the grandiose achievement, and entice him as mediator in the Russo-Ukrainian war, while also passing all suffering and disaster to innocent Chinese people. However, under a series of international sanctions, the end of St. Petersburg gang is only destruction.


Proofread/Edited by: Eleutheria Lee
Chief Editor: Nana J
Posted by: Moli C.