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Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – Lilian H

Miles Guo said in a live braodcast on May 11 that the CCP is threatening the United Nations and the world not to cooperate with the New Federal State of China by various means, but it also shows that the rescue operation of the NFSC on the Ukrainian front line has been valuable and entered a critical period.

Miles urged fellow fighters to seize every second, every person, every opportunity, bravely insist on what they believe and persist in execution, at the same time, the fellow fighters should not be afraid of doubts, let alone be chanllenged, and to not stop the recue mission even if suffering.

Miles also pointed out that the fellow fighters’ dedication on the front line was due to their courage. Therefore, he hopes that the fellow fighters would better show the new Chinese unity, kindness and inclusivenbess to the world, so that the world would know more about us.


Proofread/Edited by: Eleutheria Lee
Chief Editor: Nana J
Posted by: Moli C.