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Translated by MOS English Team -Mark Wen,Juliet

According to a report on May 10th, Paul Symon, the head of Australia’s Secret Intelligence Service, said that more and more Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials dissatisfied with the increasingly authoritarian Xi Jinping regime, instead are proactively providing their inside information to Australian intelligence agencies.

Image Credit: aspistrategist

Simon pointed out that the current internal suppression of political opponents by the Chinese Communist Party has given the Australian Intelligence Service the opportunity to obtain more espionage information.

Xi Jinping arbitrarily abolished the original provisions, completely undermining the stability and order within the system and causing a serious crisis of trust. More and more senior CCP officials are now keen to forge partnerships with Australian intelligence agencies, with truly reflects their deep concern about the impending disintegration of the CCP regime.


Proofread/Edited by: James L
Posted by: James L

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