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May 12, 2022, Medyka, Poland – Ukrainian relief frontline fellow fighters worked together to put gravel and anti-skid mats on the main path where access to the large tent of the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

The rainy season had already started in May in Medyka, Poland. After the rain, it was very uneasy for the refugees who towed their luggage to walk on the flooded, muddy, and uneven road. The road was very slippery, and the refugees would fall if they were not paying attention. Therefore, the New Federal State of China fellow fighters bought 11 tons of gravel for paving the road.

Our fellow fighters such as Wenke, Wen Feng Er Dong, Guiwu, Xiao Binggan, Wenyang, Muzi, and many other fellow fighters worked very hard, and they managed to get the gravel road paved within a day.

This small, freshly paved gravel road made the life of the Ukrainian refugees more accessible, and this also demonstrated the ability of the NFSC fellow fighters. The big tent of the NFSC will be receiving more and more important guests.


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