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According to the latest data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), the continued ups and downs of the pandemic have not only forced longer surgical wait times in hospitals, but also heightened public concerns about easing pandemic prevention restrictions, CTV News reported on May 10. 

Most hospitals have suspended or postponed nearly all non-urgent surgeries in response to the influx of Covid-19 patients, a report said. As a result, at least 600,000 surgeries were decreased performing across Canada, with about a quarter of those surgeries related to joint replacements and cataracts.

It is reported that Omicron poses the most serious threat to the Canadian medical system, and the variant has caused a large number of patients and staff in the hospital to be put in quarantine. Even though the federal government has allocated a one-time 2 billion Canadian dollars to help solve the backlog of surgeries across the country, provincial health systems are still struggling with chronic and severe shortages of medical staff and funding.

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