China’s economy and the world’s stock market are about to collapse. We must avoid being seduced by the current speculative stock market. If not, you will lose everything. 

• The price of Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Chinese stocks such as Guizhou Maotai, Evergrande, WeChat, Alibaba, Ping An etc., all plunged just overnight. Can’t imagine how much money people have lost and how many families have been ruined.
• Many people’s assets have turned into debt in one night.
• The wealthy Chinese people now have no choice but to live in the purgatory of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). People like Jack Ma (馬雲)cannot even commit suicide because the CCP threatens them to send their families to hell.
• During Miles’ GETTR live yesterday, one of the Whistleblower Movement (WM) warriors lost all his or her money to Bitcoin.

In this world, those who deceive people by selling dreams, such as Hitler, are evil than the devil.

Miles thanks all the WM warriors for their concerns, and his allergies are much better today. Miles hopes people don’t worry too much because he has a great medical team.

The CCP is now not just taking land and money away from the landlords as it was during the land reform movement, this time, it is about killing the landlords/rich Chinese people.

Miles always tells people to love their families and the people around them. 

• During brutal China’s lockdown under Zero-COVID Policy, more and more WM warriors understand the importance of families and true friends. These people will always support you and stand with you no matter what.

New Federal State of China (NFSC) is the brightest star in the darkest 2022. 

• WM warriors should love each other fully and truly, even more than their own families and loved ones. If anyone fails to do this, you will be kicked out of the WM one day. This is the power of the WM and NFSC.

Miles enjoys the songs from G|Music very much.