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According to a report from many Hong Kong media on May 12, 2022, officers of National Security of the Hong Kong Police have arrested Chen Rijun, Catholics Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong Diocese, Ng Ai-Yi, former pro-democracy Legislative Council member, singer Ho Yun-Shih, and scholar Xu Baoqiang on the grounds of “conspiracy to collude with foreign forces or foreign forces to endanger national security” in violation of the “Hong Kong National Security Law” in the past two days. All four are trustees of the suspended “612 Humanitarian Relief Fund”. They were released on bail at late night on May 11th.

After the news came out, the White House and the Holy See of the Vatican paid attention to the case and issued statements to condemn the arrest.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre appealed to the Chinese government to immediately release the four arrested at the news conference. She said, “We call on the Chinese and Hong Kong authorities to stop cracking down on dissidents. Freedom of speech plays a vital role in prosperity and security of the society.”

According to the “Hong Kong 01” report, National Security of the Hong Kong Police suspected that the “612 Humanitarian Support Fund” had been a suspect of funding local organizations in Hong Kong to call for sanctions against Hong Kong officials, and received donations from local organizations in Hong Kong and Apple Daily.

“Hong Kong 01” quoted anonymous sources that National Security suspected that the “612 Humanitarian Relief Fund” had colluded with foreign forces before the implementation of the National Security Law, including during the 2019-2020 Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement, they funded HK Higher Institutions International Affairs Delegation to London and Geneva to lobby overseas and smear Hong Kong. In addition, the police also suspected that the “612 Humanitarian Relief Fund” had provided legal and medical assistance to Taiwanese NGOs and Hong Kong residents in Canada.

Li Enhao, a Hong Kong legal scholar at the Asian Law Center of Georgetown University Law School in the United States, told DW that the arrest showed that the National Security Law is now a weapon used to suppress many non-violent public activities in Hong Kong, and this trend makes a chilling effect for political prisoners waiting for criminal trials.

Li Enhao emphasized that the “612 Humanitarian Relief Fund” was a platform obtaining funds through crowdfunding, mainly providing legal or humanitarian assistance to protesters facing criminal trials. Before the national security law came into effect, the operation of this fund was completely legal and peaceful. If Hong Kong had fair trials, due process, and the rule of law, people wouldn’t have had no need to rely on efforts of civil society at all.

In addition, Li Enhao said that the arrest of Chen Rijun by the Hong Kong police showed that they did not care about the possible consequences of raising the incident to a diplomatic or geopolitical level.

Li Enhao concerned that the arrest of Xu Baoqiang by National Security is regarded as “white terror” by many activists who have actively participated in Hong Kong’s public affairs because they have no way of knowing whether they are on the target list of National Security.

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Original Article:港国安处逮捕“612人道支援基金信托人 – GNEWS

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