Written by: 西枫westca

Proofread by: Ermat

Image Source:Getty photo

According to Sina on May 12, National Immigration Administration of the CCP called for strict implementation of a strict and tight immigration policy, strict restrictions on non-essential travel overseas of Chinese citizens, and strict approval and issuance of entry and exit documents.

On the ground of epidemic prevention, the CCP required the border inspection stations and immigration management departments to support and cooperate with local governments to fight the war of annihilation and interdiction of epidemic prevention and control. And strictly prevent stranded foreigners from gathering at the border and illegal entry to bring in the epidemic, to ensure that people, things, the environment with the same prevention and control. It is required that problems with the hidden dangers are dynamically cleared, and to crack down on illegal entry and exit activities. To consolidate China’s epidemic prevention achievements, the immigration administration put Beijing as the priority and said the capital’s anti-epidemic policies would be strictly applied. The administration also required border inspection departments to fully support Shanghai to reach zero-COVID status at the community level, as well as supporting epidemic prevention achievements in Northeast China’s Jilin Province.

In August 2021, the Immigration Bureau has indicated that it will not issue ordinary passports and other entry and exit documents for the time being, but will accept applications for study, employment and business in a timely manner. However, the CCP’s border guards are now intensifying their interrogation of people leaving the country, asking for details about their lives overseas. Chinese citizens with documents can be stopped at customs and even have their passports “cut” at every turn. This is the official start of the Communist China’s closed-door policy.