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On May 10th in a livestream, Miles Guo talked about the current pandemic and vaccine disaster and their potential impact on the future patients’ relationship with medical care professionals and big pharmas.

He said once the world gets to know the truth about Covid virus and vaccine, people would completely lose their trust to doctors, hospitals, medical care institutions and big pharmas and the future relationship between patients and medical care professionals would be completely different.

He added that the current pharmaceutical monopolies collude with pharmaceutical firms and hospitals and the biggest victims are the patients. Healthcare receivers are cheated by insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals. He believes soon all these will be completely changed because the new upcoming global digital era would enable the medical industry be thoroughly reformed by adopting blockchain technology, just like the current financial accounting switching from accruals to blockchain unalterable bookkeeping. This would avoid the manipulation by only a few big firms in the conventional system.

Miles Guo said he believes the new digital era with blockchain technology would overthrow the current corrupted medical systems, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies across the world and medical administration agencies won’t be able to collude and cheat the patients anymore.


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