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Published on May 5, 2022, in the Nature Scientific Reports journal, a new study suggests that the mass CCP virus vaccination was “significantly associated” with a jump in emergency medical services (EMS) for heart problems in Israel, whose vaccination rate is among the world’s highest, 72.19% of any dosage and 66.05% of fully vaccinated for May 8, 2022. MIT-funded researchers conducted the study.

Nature Scientific Reports, founded and based in London, is one of the world’s most influential science journals featuring peer-reviewed researches from various academic disciplines.

After analyzing all calls related to cardiac arrest (CA) and acute coronary syndrome (ACS) events from January 01, 2019, to June 20, 2021, using an unique dataset from Israel National Emergency Medical Services (EMS), the study found a drastic increase of over 25% occurred in callouts for CA and ACS in the 16–39-year-old population during Israel’s initial CCP virus vaccine rollout between January and May 2021.

Analysis of the data showed that emergency call counts for cardiovascular events were significantly associated with the rates of the 1st and 2nd vaccine doses administered to this age group but were not with CCP virus infection rates.In the report’s abstract, the researchers also state, “the findings raise concerns regarding vaccine-induced undetected severe cardiovascular side-effects and underscore the already established causal relationship between vaccines and myocarditis, a frequent cause of unexpected cardiac arrest in young individuals. Surveillance of potential vaccine side-effects and COVID-19 virus outcomes should incorporate EMS and other health data to identify public health trends (such as the increase in EMS calls) and promptly investigate potential underlying causes.”

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