Translated by: Ermat

Image Source: CBC

On May 11, Mr. Wengui Guo revealed in a Gettr live broadcast that President Putin’s hurried escape from the military parade on Red Square and the arrest of his family who held his huge wealth caused him heavy losses. 

He said that the general trend of strong men has gone to sound the horn of the demise of the CCP, and said that Xi Jinping will still attack Taiwan and the CCP must also be disintegrated.

Putin left suddenly after attending the military parade on Red Square for just over half an hour, fully expressing that Putin is already doing his last struggle. Putin’s past energy has disappeared, and the domineering strongman established for many years has been extremely flustered at the most urgent moment. To be precise, Putin’s departure was a hasty flight.

Someone spotted that the armored vehicle with more than 20 people in it, which was supposed to take part in the parade after three rounds of security checks, was loaded with live ammunition (a violation of the rules and a way to escape security checks). They immediately reported it to the head of the security service and then directly to Defense Minister Shoigu. Finally, Shoigu ordered a quick withdrawal. 

Bearing in mind that the Chinese Communist Party is proud to have inherited the military parade from Russia, this incident of escaping security and trying to load live ammunition for the parade is challenging the impossible.

It fully shows that it is the absolute elite force within Russia that wants to kill Putin. What’s even more bizarre is that Putin has not announced the incident so far, and he has not dared to liquidate the participants. Russia’s political and economic oligarchs, as well as the elites in the military and major institutions, know that they can no longer confront the Western world.

Putin’s troubles do not stop there, just a few hours before the parade Putin received a mysterious call informing him that another member of his family had been arrested in France, a man who is deeply buried in Europe and has a map of Putin’s vast wealth (gold, antiques, digital currency, etc.). It is said that hours before he was arrested, he was also dumping bitcoin, which had caused the price of bitcoin to plummet at one point. This in turn shows that Putin’s children, family and huge wealth hidden abroad have been largely traced by the Western world, and this is what has really hit Putin hard.

The EU and the US are doing everything they can to help Ukraine against Russia, with the aim of eliminating Putin and dismantling Russia. Whereas the earliest was the Whistleblower Movement declaring to the world that Russia would definitely disintegrate. There are already people outlining a map of what Russia would look like if it disintegrated.

Putin’s rush to flee during the May 9 military parade also opened up a new world pattern. The world saw that Putin’s general trend was over, and it also sounded the clarion call for the demise of the CCP. Due to Putin’s poor physical condition and the embarrassment at the military parade, the French Macron, who is absolutely controlled by the CCP, has the confidence to directly turn against Xi Jinping. In the latest phone call with Xi, he lost the respect he had before.

It can be said that the derailment of France and the CCP will deal a huge blow to Xi. Furthermore, German Chancellor Schultz, who is hailed as Merkel’s successor and is still pro-Russian and pro-Communist, was also publicly challenged by the German foreign and defense ministers after the military parade in Russia.

Even so, Xi’s approach to attacking Taiwan will not waver, nor will he back down in any way. Xi has faith in the long-brainwashed population inside and outside China and dares to make crazy decisions in crazy times. Likewise, once the Communist Party starts a war to attack Taiwan, the Communist state will surely be dismantled like Russia.


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