1.Mr. Miles Guo’s broadcast videos are viewed 400 million times per video at least inside China, a good one got 700 million view.

2. Mr. Miles Guo’s YouTube account followers data has been seriously tampered with.

3. President Trump lost his lawsuit against Twitter on the grounds that “Twitter is a private company and not fit to use the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

4. Japan’s Intelligence Capabilities Can Challenge the U.S..

5. The Russia-Ukraine war will make the vast majority of digital currencies disappear because of being tainted by CCP and Russia.

6. Mr. Miles Guo met with a person who had received four shots of COVID vaccine, and this person died the next day.

7. COVID Vaccine disaster, people in power are looking for scapegoats, no one will take responsibility for vaccine, all blame it on the virus.

8. The people most easy to control are the Communist China and the Americans, where Americans trust the media.

9. Mr. Miles Guo believes that business inside China to make big, either collude with the CCP, or be basically taken out by CCP.

10. Inside China, most people who harmed Mr. Miles Guo are in prison mainly because:
a.Mr. Miles Guo accumulated friends in the party for many years.
b.The struggle within the CCP.

11. Premier Li Keqiang treat Mr. Miles Guo as friend honestly.

12. Mr. Miles Guo recently read Wang Yangming’s “Instructions for Practical Living ” and history of the FED for the fifth time.

13. H-coin will become the world’s fairest currency in 3-5 years.

14. There are about 2,000 organizations coming in H-coin investment, and any one organization can buy all circulating H-coins.

15. After the Russia-Ukraine War most of the digital currencies will disappear, as long as one national state recognizes the H-coin as the national reserve currency, the H-coin price must be over 10,000 USD per coin, there will be hype even to 20,000 USD.

16. What the Himalaya Exchange wants most is talent and good people.

17. Management models:
a. Eastern and Western-style religious organization management
b. Rule by law
c. Economic, unified access to wealth.

18. People of U.S., Canada and Japan will get Himalaya Exchange KYC soon, there will be better news.

19. Many fellow fighters inside China sold their coins to the police.

Chinese Version: Wenjun
Translator: Curiosity
Proofreading: Tracy