Miles Guo  Live Minutes of May 10, 2022

Written by Cici
Himalaya Nuremberg Germany

Miles Guo’s birthday live video on May 10, 2022, he said:

You are firstly giving a birthday celebration to someone who you like, someone you believe in, someone you blessed or your family member. All of you here have treated me like a blessed person and family member, At the same time, everyone gives me all the best wishes.

Why? Because I give it to everyone

What comes with it is like-mindedness and shared ambition.

We have a common ambition to destroy the Chinese Communist Party.

We have a common path called the Himalaya.

 One mission is to take down the CCP., and also have the same path to the Himalayas.

Aren’t we just a family?

In this case, the birthday of Miles Guo is everyone’s birthday in the New Federal State of China. Everyone’s birthday is the birthday of Miles Guo.