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According to a report on Gettr on May 8, recently, the administrative and judicial court of Sicily, Italy, made a breakthrough ruling, which had previously enforced mandatory vaccination since October 2021, is unconstitutional. Italian lawyer Marco Mori commented on the ruling.

Mori said the 53-page ruling by the Sicilian Administrative Court of Justice ruled that the Constitutional Court will not be able to uphold mandatory vaccination, as well as the government’s position to enforce them onto the public. The verdict cites alarming data from the EU Pharmacovigilance database which showed that Pfizer, Modena and AstraZeneca vaccines have all caused a large number of adverse reactions and deaths up to January 2022.

The verdict states that vaccine side effects cause irreversible damage to the body, leading to serious lesions, disability, and death. Therefore, even if adverse reactions represent only a small percentage of vaccinated people, it is enough to make mandatory vaccines unacceptable. Mori said that if the Constitutional Court opposes the verdict, it will only show that they are servants of politics and not jurists. He called on people to challenge the rejection of the ruling and to stand up against mandatory vaccination policy.

Posted by: Xueli