Translated by: MOS English Team – Johnlee

Amid the continuation of the Ukrainian army’s decisive war of resistance against the Russian army, President Zelenskyy confirmed that part of the Kharkiv province, which was once under the control of the Russian army, has been recaptured by the Ukrainian army.

Video Source: FNN News

President Zelenskyy said that it is good news for the troops in Kharkiv province. The Russian army was driven out and the lost territory has been taken back.

In Kharkiv, the Ukrainian army released the bombing of Russian tanks from the air, and President Zelenskyy announced that they have recaptured parts of the Kharkiv province and started to fight back.

On the other hand, in the steel plant of Mariupol, at the city’s southeast where Ukrainian defenders continued to fight until the last drop of blood, female soldiers released a video of them singing popular Ukrainian songs in the midst of occasional explosions heard in the background.

The female soldiers expressed their confidence in victory: Their spirit will live forever like Mariupol and Ukraine. They decided to fight to the end as long as the Russian army is still there.

A senior U.S. Defense Department official said Russia maintained most of its effective combat capability, but it also confirmed its analysis that the Russian army remains stalled in the east Ukraine.


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