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Tennessee has just passed a law declaring that the state must recognize the coronavirus (COVID 19) natural immunity  as having the same protection as vaccines.  “The immune protection obtained from prior COVID-19 infection is at least as protective against the virus as its vaccine,” the bill’s text reads. “Therefore, there is no reasonable basis for treating individuals with prior COVID-19 infection differently than individuals who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.”

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In the House of Representatives, the bill was passed by 66 votes to 20. In the Senate, the votes were 26 to 5. State legislators mainly vote along partisan lines. The law also prohibits any government entity or public educational institution or school from adopting or enforcing “a regulation, rule, policy or practice arising from COVID-19” that refuses to recognize amendments passed by new state legislation. This includes that it is prohibited to mandate that they do not recognize natural immunity.

The same provisions apply to private enterprises, which must not adopt measures that do not recognize acquired immunity as “providing a degree of immune protection, at least as protective as the COVID-19 vaccine.” Private entities are also not allowed to treat individuals with natural immunity differently than vaccinated individuals.

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Republican Governor Bill Lee refused to sign the nature immunity recognition bill. Hence, the state’s natural immunity recognition bill became law without Lee’s signature. In a letter to Governor Randy McNally and State Speaker Cameron Sexton, Lee wrote: “I write to inform you that I am letting SB 1982 / HB 1871 become law without my signature. Although I agree that individuals with acquired immunity should be treated the same as individuals who are vaccinated against COVID-19, this bill imposes a business mandate, and businesses should be allowed to operate without undue government interference.”


Natural Immunity is the best. COVID 19 vaccines have been proven ineffective and harmful to the human immune systems. No business and government entity should mandate the vaccines.


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