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During the Miles Grand Live on May 8, Mr. Miles Guo said that due to the uncertain reaction to the remedy in two groups of people, the scientists of New Federal State of China (NFSC) decided to delay the announcement of the new remedy for COVID-19 vaccine detoxification and that NFSC would announce the new remedy to the world when the time is right.

Mr. Miles was planned to announce the scientists’ new remedy on the Mother’s Day livestream. However, it is still uncertain whether this remedy will have side effects in two groups of people, that are the children and the people who had surgery and are suffering from long-term illness. To be cautious, the scientists hope that the institutions with expertise could provide some test data or opinions before the release of the remedy.  It is expected that this remedy will be released soon.

One thing is clear, the new artemisinin-based remedy (non- prescription medications ) can 99.9% detoxify COVID vaccines for people who got vaccinated for up to 4 doses (including 4 doses). After total 5 courses with 3 days in one course, the toxin of COVID-19 vaccines can be removed from the body.

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The scientists reveal that the harm of COVID-19 vaccines to human body is beyond people’s imagination. The sudden death and cancer cases have surged due to the vaccines with younger age group. Even if the vaccinated do not suffer from cancer in the short term, the impact on the emotional intelligence, IQ, lifespan and health of the COVID-19 vaccine recipients are profound. So far, the best detoxification for multi-dose COVID-19 vaccinated is to use artemisinin and ivermectin, etc. We wait for the new remedy officially being launched.

The NFSC will announce new remedy to the world when the time is right. The NFSC has been at the forefront against COVID 19 vaccines and has announced the use of artemisinin and ivermectin to treat the COVID-19 and to clear up the toxin of the COVID vaccines. NFSC is making significant efforts to save mankind from the COVID vaccine disasters.  


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Posted by: Peter Chen

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