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On May 9, 2022, Putin appeared at a military parade on Russia’s Victory Day, but seemed to be in a low state of mind and left early.  Mr. Guo Wengui revealed (in summary) during his birthday special live broadcast on May 10: The Red Square military parade really stunned the Chinese Communist Party. It was heard that the domestic army and the National Security Committee were shocked when they watched the (Red Square) military parade. Putin got two pieces of information at the scene, the first one was that about 700 thousand to 1.2 million people wanted to protest against Putin, which might cause riots; the second was that there was someone in the sky positioning the scene in multiple directions, and Putin was worried about being beheaded. At that time, Putin’s daughter asked his father to leave immediately.  Putin is not in good health, and his family affairs are in a mess.  When you can’t escape from sensuality between men and women, you can’t have a clear understanding of wealth, and you can’t balance the relationship between family and career, you can’t become a big man.  If you see through life and death, you will become one of his kind. Putin is 70 years old now. Why does he long for such a good yacht?  Why does he want so many girlfriends and children?  Why does he want so much money?  On the Red Square, Putin showed his true color, from a politician to a speculative clown.  Gone are the days when any country was led by individuals, strongmen, or the cult of personality.

Putin has two officially recognized daughters. One is Maria Vorontsova, 37, and the other is Katerina Tikhonova, 35, both of whom are from his first wife, Lyudmila.  That has been introduced in the article “7.24 Series – Putin’s Daughter“.  In addition, Putin has a number of secret lovers and illegitimate children, among which the most famous is the former Russian gymnast Alina Maratovna Kabaeva (Alina Maratovna Kabaeva). It was reported that Putin and she have at least two children.

Another well-known lover of Putin is Svetlana Krivonogikh, 47.  Krivonogikh’s parents were “foreigners” who came to St. Petersburg from other provinces to work hard.  His father was an alcoholic and died young in middle age.  My mother worked as a plasterer in the renovation team, barely making ends meet for the family.  The children of the poor were in charge of the house early, and when Krivornogikh became an adult, he worked for a time as a cleaner in a nearby store, earning some wages to support the family.

Krivonogikh’s name became widely known in a 2020 investigation by Russian media outlet Proekt, which documented her ties to Putin and the vast amount of financial assets and property she owns in Russia.  According to reports, after graduating from the Department of International Economic Relations of St. Petersburg University of Finance and Economics in 2000, Krivonogikh worked at the “Bank of Russia” in St. Petersburg soon after.  At the same time, her life has also leaped magnificently at a speed visible to the naked eye.  She suddenly made a fortune and left the civilian area with her mother, and moved into the wealthy area located on the second white birch avenue of Stone Island.

Krivonogikh owns real estate worth nearly 1.1 billion rubles (about 100 million RMB) in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi.  She is also the owner of a 37-meter luxury private yacht worth $5.4 million.  It is estimated that Krivonojih’s total family assets reach 77 billion rubles, equivalent to about 100 million US dollars.

Old neighborhood around the apartment where Krivonogich used to live told that, Krivornogych had a relationship with a very powerful man, who was said to be a high-ranking official of the St. Petersburg government in the 1990s.  This seems to be consistent with Putin’s work experience – in 1990, Putin returned to his hometown, St. Petersburg, after retiring from the KGB, and successively served as the foreign affairs assistant to the president of Leningrad University, the advisor to the mayor of St.  vice-mayor.  He was the right-hand man who was most relied on by Sobchak, the mayor of St. Petersburg at the time.

In 2003, Krivonogikh gave birth to a daughter, Elizaveta Krivonogikh, while Putin was preparing to run for re-election.  Elisabeth’s father was not specified on her birth certificate. But her father’s name was known as Vladimirovna.  Russian full names are composed of three parts: one’s own name, one’s father’s name and one’s surname, and Putin’s own name is “Vladimir”.

Elizaveta was first seen in public when she was spotted riding a Russian government car to a fashion club in Moscow to celebrate her 18th birthday.  Elizaveta usually hides her identity in the fashion and music industry, and her high-profile display of wealth on Instagram social media has attracted the attention of many people concerned.

The chaotic private lives of leaders in dictatorships are not uncommon, and so is Russia.  For more than 20 years, people who have a close bond with Putin have rooted in Russia’s political and business circles. His lovers and illegitimate children have used Putin’s power to get what they want. These huge amounts of wealth and their extravagant lives are derived from the exploitation of ordinary Russians.  It’s time for people around the world to take down all dictators like Putin.

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Original Article:7·24系列——普京的情人及私生子女 – GNEWS

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