According to The Australian, May 12, 2022, a new report shows that two potential military bases in the Solomon Islands are already owned by the Chinese Communist Party, including a port near Honiara that is expected to accommodate an aircraft carrier.

The report states that one of the potential military sites is a port on the eastern edge of Honiara, owned by Lee Kwok Kuen, a prominent Chinese businessman. The report said the port “acts as an unofficial international port, much to the dismay of the Solomon Islands Ports Authority”.

The second site is the 3,000-hectare Gold Ridge property in the mountains near Honiara, acquired by three major Chinese companies in 2019.

Clive Moore, an honorary professor at the University of Queensland and author of the report, said that the Chinese Communist Party could use these bases because communist China’s enterprises had them in its hands.

The report was released ahead of a possible visit to the Solomon Islands by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. The report warns that Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare is a “self-serving” manipulator and not to be trusted.

Sources in the Solomon Islands told The Australian that the visit is expected to take place next weekend, just days before the Australian federal election.

It is reported that Wang Yi may also visit Papua New Guinea. Australian officials are wary of the growing influence of the Chinese Communist Party here.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has warned that the construction of a Chinese military base in the Solomon Islands would be a “red line” for Australia.


Translated/Edited by: Lish
Published by:Wenwu

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