Closure of Duowei Has Shone A Spotlight On The Murky World Of Chinese Grand Oversea Propaganda

Written by Skagen

(The Fight Against Communist China’s Unrestricted Lawfare on US Soil (Part 2-1)

(The Fight Against Communist China’s Unrestricted Lawfare on US Soil (Part 2-2)

Double Faces

In the years after Yu Pun-hoi took over, Duowei’s editorial policy has changed from being a covert, so-called independent media to performing many tasks for the CCP’s overseas propaganda, fabricating news to manipulate the public.

Duowei repeatedly published pro-Xi articles that have been reprinted by many oversea media outlets, and even published an article exposing the traitorous behavior of Jiang Zemin, which demonstrates Duowei’s true colors as a pro-Xi fighter. In 2016, Duowei published a sharp rebuke of the Hong Kong Liaison Office for overstepping its authority. It was written in a “master teaching his servant” tone. 

On the other hand, the party-state still uses Duowei as foreign media outlets to artificially amplify the CCP’s global influence to deceive and brainwash the Chinese people, even though the editorial office was relocated from New York to Beijing. 

Duowei’s 5 deadly sins

Sin 1: Duowei fabricated court evidence and defrauded the US court. Duowei published a blog post about GTV investors’ confidential information. Its aim is to conceal the true source of GTV’s classified information – the CCP’s intelligence system. Yu Pun-hoi of Duowei News, Weijian Shan of PAG, and Bruno Wu conspired to fabricate evidence in court, committing criminal fraud and contempt of court. 

Sin 2: Duowei, along with PAX/PAG, conduct the CCP’ BGY plan to infiltrate and collude with top U.S officials in the FBI, the court, and law firms. What Duowei and PAX did isn’t just about illegitimate sources of evidence in this case; The PAX case is a landmark lawsuit that demonstrates the US legal, judicial, and intelligence communities have been infiltrated by the CCP’s BGY scheme, which poses a threat to U.S. national security. 

Sin 3: Duowei caused huge harm to the investors of GTV which could even cost their lives. By following orders from the top echelons of the CCP, Duowei has been cursing Miles Guo and the anti-CCP Whistleblowers’ Movement since 2015. 

Sin 4: Duowei has been the tip of the spear of the CCP’s oversea propaganda since its creation. By spreading propaganda through U.S. think tanks and western media outlets, Duowei attempts to influence the U.S. China policy for decades.

Sin 5: Duowei is an overseas intelligence agency controlled by senior Marxism and loyal Communist cadre Yu Pun-hoi and set up by the CCP’s Ministry of State Security over 20 years ago. Duewei collected the annual intelligence data of 20T on US soil under the cover of so-called international certified official media, which is the CCP’s best intelligence platform. 

Next article: How did Duowei fabricated court evidence and defrauded the US court?


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