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Translated by: OX Translation Team – boylatin1L

On May 11th, Mr. Miles Guo talked about the magnificent changes after the Russia-Ukraine war.

Image Source: Reuters

The Russia-Ukraine war broke three limits of sensible thinking. First of all, dictatorship is not beyond the challenge of ordinary people. Second, two major dictatorships, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Russia, didn’t form a strong alliance, as the war proved that the Sino-Russian alliance was more fragile than anybody expected. Communist China and Russia are not the rivals for the Western technology. 

Third, Xi Jinping and Putin are good at using nuclear to blackmail, as this is the best pretext for intimidating the West. It is now clear to the West that beheading allows the dictator to die without hurting the West. The West has also found that its economic sanctions against Russia far outweigh nuclear weapons.

Deliberating these three points leads to the future. Once the CCP attacks Taiwan, the United States and Japan must join the war. The CCP will undoubtedly be subject to more brutal economic sanctions than Russia, and nuclear blackmail will be impossible. The world’s economy and military changed dramatically in the Russia-Ukraine war. The world has never cursed the CCP like it is today, and no one believes that the CCP has a future.


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