Closure of Duowei Has Shone A Spotlight On The Murky World Of Chinese Grand Oversea Propaganda

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(The Fight Against Communist China’s Unrestricted Lawfare on US Soil (Part 2-1)

Shift ownership in 2009

Duowei’s extensive reposting of articles from the Chinese Communist Party media and frequent reporting of fake news have raised questions from all walks of life. The influence of Ho Pin and Duowei declined after their backgrounds were revealed.

Yu Pun-hoi(于品海), a Hong Kong businessman, bought Duowei in 2009, and Ho Pin left Duowei and started a new明镜), a new media to continue working as the CCP’s grand overseas propaganda.

According to Miles Guo’s source, Xi Jinping, who was vice president in 2008, wanted Liu Changle out. It is not clear whether this was one of the reasons for the change of Duowei’s ownership.

Who is Yu Pun-hoi

Yu Pun-hoi (born in November 30, 1958) is chairman of the board and the largest shareholder of many companies, including Nanhai Holdings, China Digital Information, as well as the founder of the Center for Sino-American Studies at Tsinghua University in Beijing and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the China Cultural Development Research Center at Peking University.

Yu Pun-hoi was born in Hong Kong to Chinese parents from Shandong province on mainland China. He claimed he did not step foot in China until he was 21, but he speaks fluent Mandarin without a Hong Kong accent. 

In his early career, Yu Pun-hoi worked in the media industry, acquiring the Hilton Hotel in the Philippines at the age of 30 and taking over 《Ming Pao》 at the age of 33, which was co-founded by Hong Kong’s most famous writer Jin Yong(金庸) in 1959. 

Yu Pun-hoi’s unusual relationship with the top echelons of the CCP was evident on February 19, 1997, as he personally reported Deng Xiaoping’s death on Taiwan’s Zhongtian Channel, which was the first channel with the scoop. 

Yu Pun-hoi’s shares in Nanhai Holdings are partly held by Chinese state-owned banks. Central Huijin Investment Ltd (China’s state-owned investment company) holds 10.29% of the mortgage debt via China Construction Bank Group, according to Nanhai Holdings’ 2018 financial report. 

“Yu Pun-hoi got the 2 billion RMB loan from Beijing bank”, said Miles Guo on his live broadcast on April 28, 2022. 

Although Yu Pun-hoi denies his Chinese Communist background, it is evident that he is a well-trained Communist Party cadre. A year before the acquisition of Duowei, Yu Pun-hoi, then 50 years old, entered the Marxist School of Peking University to study for a doctorate in Marxist philosophy.

According to Miles Guo, Duowei is an overseas intelligence agency which was set up by the CCP’s Ministry of State Security 20 years ago.

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