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According to Miles Guo’s GETTR post on May 7, the Russian-Ukrainian War has prompted the United States to consider more about how to deal with the CCP’s invasion against Taiwan. The CCP will definitely attack Taiwan resemble that of a  blitzkrieg maneuver, in order to avoid being severely punished by Europe and the United States the same way that Russia is now facing since its invasion to Ukraine

Miles revealed that the U.S. military, intelligence services and financial institutions are working to prepare for the CCP’s invasion of Taiwan at any time. Various extreme punishment measures have been tailored for the CCP regime by the U.S. and EU. Furthermore, the speed, intensity and breadth of the sanctions will be hundred times harsher than the step-by-step sanctions against Russia.

Since it was determined that the CCP will learn from Russia’s tragic defeat in Ukraine and attempt to seize Taiwan in a blitzkrieg manner, the United States will not leave Xi Jinping’s regime any chance to breathe and struggle when war in the Taiwan Strait breaks out.

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