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A senior Foreign Ministry official said on May 10th, that the Japanese embassy in Kiev, which was closed in March following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, would be considered for reopening according to the local situation.  At a meeting of the Liberal Democratic Party on the same day, he also said that visits by Japanese Government officials to Ukraine would continue to be considered.

Image Source: asahi

At the meeting, Masahisa Sato, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said that many dignitaries from different countries are visiting Ukraine to reach out to the Ukrainian people. From the point of view of protecting Japanese citizens and humanitarian aid, it is necessary to reopen the embassy.

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Since late April, Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives and Jill Tracy Biden, U.S. President Joe Biden’s wife have visited Ukraine, among others.  A growing number of countries, including France and South Korea, have resumed embassy operations in Kiev.  Some government officials have also said that Japan cannot receive military support like other countries, and we must make a careful decision about resuming embassy operations in Kiev.

Image Source: The New York Times


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