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It is reported on May 5, 2022, Russia appears to be facing a surge in sabotage of military-related installations during the Ukraine war.

Image Source: dailymail

A video online shows how a Russian recruiting office was hit by multiple Molotov cocktails, as speculation intensified that Putin would carry out a massive mobilization of troops.

In a series of fires, one of which killed 22 people at the Defense Missile Design Institute, another led to the death of three people at an explosives factory, which was also seen as possibly caused by arson, Russian officials covered up or minimized some of the attacks.

British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said such a move could happen on May 9, when Russia will stage a massive military display on Red Square to mark the annual Victory Day.

This commemorates the end of World War II, in which tens of millions of Soviet citizens lost their lives.

“It’s not true, it’s nonsense.” Peskov said, referring to speculation about Russian mobilization and a full-scale declaration of war on Ukraine.

However, Putin is seen as needing reinforcements for his war effort in Donbass.

It is also evident that despite the promise not to send troops to the war, such as on the sunken cruiser Moskva.

Image Source: itv

Russian officials denied any invasion of Ukraine in the days and weeks before Putin sent troops.

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