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Translated by: Tokyo Sakura Group — Garrettw

On May 9, Mr. Miles Guo said on a live broadcast that during the days from Monday to Friday, there would be dramatic economic changes, the infection rate of the virus would continue to rise, and the world’s economy was already on the verge of collapse. All the U.S., China, and Hong Kong economies would not be good. What’s more, Hong Kong’s was worse; Hong Kong dollars would collapse with the economy.

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Mr. Miles Guo also reminded fellow fighters who lived in the peaceful areas of Western Europe that the economy would be a significant challenge. Fellow fighters who lived in northern and eastern Europe would see the brutal war along with the challenge posed by the economy. Those in Asia would not be well either. The situation of Communist China’s brothers-in-arms would be the worst. Miles warned fellow fighters not to touch financial products such as A-shares, Hong Kong stocks, etc., which are harmful and could cost them their lives.

Miles Guo said that the critical problems are the vaccine disaster and economic collapse. He advised not to get vaccinated and not speculate or compare gains with others. Instead, he encouraged us to abandon the fantasy of great wealth and live well.

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