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According to reports, on May 9th afternoon, Beijing held the 329th press conference on the control and prevention of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus pandemic to introduce the latest situation.

According to official sources, Beijing continues to maintain strict city-wide social control measures. The city’s primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, and secondary vocational schools have suspended students’ return to campuses and switched to online teaching. Relevant municipal departments will announce the follow-up return-to-campus arrangements in due course, depending on the pandemic situation.

The CCP suspends students’ return to schools, various off-campus training institutions’ offline courses and collective activities. This is a disguised lockdown of Beijing, a city with a population of 21.88 million. Beijing is the capital of Communist China, but cannot escape the so-called pandemic prevention and control measures enacted by the dictator. Such measures form de facto martial law in the aftermath of CCP virus vaccines. The suspension of in-person classes, the news of a dragon fruit testing positive, and the mobilization of more than 60,000 armed police forces outside the city — these are all signs indicating that Beijing is about to follow Wuhan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Changchun, and Shanghai — be locked down for the CCP virus and vaccine sequelae.

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