Old Photos bring the past 4-5 years’ livestream videos of whistleblowing to connect these photos and historical information together. Once the map of the Whistleblower Movement came out, people will understand. Why do we want to destroy the Communist Party? Since when did we want to destroy the Communist Party?

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】2022.5.2 Brother Seven’s Motivation for Showing Old Photos


You guys today! On Fay Fay Show to introduce you to a few specially licensed photos. Just one, it’s given to her for their use. These old photos, why are they introduced? I think it’s time. Brother Seven wants to show a map of Miles’ life in the past, the growth path of life. I’m collecting them!

And then, in the past four or five years. The livestream videos of whistleblowing that was said to connect these photos and historical information together. Then, we’ll find some of the people involved. Another thing is, as you can see just now. I sent that photo of wearing purple clothes. The one in the suit. The lady standing next to him is no longer with us.

Sometimes you see four people in one photo. Two people have passed away. Once the map of the Whistleblower Movement came out, people will understand. Why do we want to destroy the Communist Party? Since when did we want to destroy the Communist Party? Then we can fully understand to build out the history and map of the Whistleblower Movement.

First, start with Brother Seven just like now in mainland China during this quarantine. Many people realize the role of Brother Seven and the past few years the importance to follow the Whistleblower Movement and the need to extinguish the Communist Party. Like Haidong and Zhaoying sister said the extermination of the Communist Party is a necessity of justice is necessary for our survival.

So now, to expose the revolution, the New Federal State of China has reached the most critical moment. Because the Communist Party is on the way to the end. These five years ago , how many people dared to say that Putin had health problems. It has nothing to do with us. But because he is good with the so-called Xi the Sun. You and he are going to take on the world. Especially to help him enslave the Chinese people. Then it has something to do with us. Then the other thing is more important. When the people in China are about to lose their food and this year’s natural disasters.

Natural disasters, only Brother Seven can say this year is a flood year. Look at the atheist party. How much it believes in God! It did a blessing ceremony last and this year! And this so-called measurement of this year’s weather. In the process of this measurement. They concluded that this year is their year of disaster and natural disasters.

So how far is the devil in the Communist Party? It knows that there is a heaven in this world. There is earth, there is God, there is God in everything! But it makes the people not believe in God. It makes you believe in it (the CCP). So now the Communist Party is preparing for the struggle before death. The yuan is now just hardly holding on there. It has no source, who buys its yuan. Many of the countries that exchanged local currency have withdrawn their money.

All the money of the Communist Party. It’s Europe that’s hiding that money. It’s not included in the scope in the entire U.S. stock market. The stock market is over a trillion dollars and that is not certain and after Russia wants to do this exchange with the yuan. Western sanctions are even more. So the Communist Party is now afraid. Afraid that now the West will suddenly impose sanctions on the Communist Party. Like the sanctions against Russia and Nancy Pelosi will step on Taiwan Island. What should it do? The RBM plunges. Look at how much the HCN will be worth.

So that’s why brothers and sisters, CCP’s economy around the world. At any time that money will be seized. It’s the economy that will collapse. The political system will collapse. The people will have no food to eat. Second, tell everyone, there are many motivations why Brother Seven showed the old photos to let everyone know how difficult it is to whistle blow.

You don’t know how what happened in eastern Ukraine is important to the Whistleblower Movement! You don’t know how the fellow fighters rescuing at the Ukrainian frontline. Laying foundation for our New Federal State of China is an important reincarnation, take a good look at this afternoon’s Fay Fay Show.

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