Mariusz was pleased to learn of the New Federal State of China and Rule of Law Foundation humanitarian rescue work in Medyka and took out his cell phone to take a selfie to the taking down the Chinese Communist Party vest.

New Federal State of China Rescue】2022.5.3 Nicole interviewed the Director of Communications in the Medyka Mayor’s Office

Nicole: How many? Over 15000 Ukrainians refugees.

Mariusz: Congratulations.

Nicole: Yeah, if you’re interested, I can take you to our tent, have some coffee and learn about our word. We’re very proud to be here in Medyka and Because we know Medyka. It’s important to receive Ukrainian refugees.


That’s the idea, yeah congratulations. I appreciate it

Nicole: Thank you.


Take down the Chinese Communist Party

Nicole: Communist Party, ah yes. Yeah so, we are like Wałęsa overthrowing Communism in China.

Mariusz: Congratulations. Thank you Thank you

Nicole: So can I do, can I.

Mariusz: My English little.

Nicole: Your English is perfect, your English is perfect. So he knew we are sponsored by Rule of Law Foundation and the New Federal State of China. We have a big tent in Medyka. Our tent has received more than 10,000 Ukrainian refugees. So he said congratulations. So, thank you and so feel free to stop by our tent. If you have five minutes, I can show you around our tent to see how we work here to receive the refugees.

Mariusz: Thank you very much for the interview.  Thank you.

Nicole: Can you tell us your name?

Mariusz: Mariusz

Nicole: Mariusz. Mariusz and you’re from the Medyka mayor’s office, right?

Mariusz: Yes

Nicole: So, what do you do in Mayor’s office like? Director like what do you do?

Communication Director, what do you do?

Mariusz: Can I come not now, can I come again and I will tell you.

Nicole: Ok, so just from  Mayor’s office. Communication, kind of PR job. He said he could probably come to our big tent.

Mariusz: Thank you so much.

Nicole: Thank you and so we are the new Chinese people. Yeah yeah

Mariusz: Selfie.

Nicole: Selfie.

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