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Translated by:  MOS  Education Team – Winsun G.

Speaking at a political fundraiser on the outskirts of Washington on Monday, U.S. President Joe Biden said that Putin is a very calculating man. He is worried that Putin will not find a way out of the Ukraine war and will try harder to find a solution to the problem.

Biden pointed to Putin’s mistaken belief that an invasion of Ukraine would divide NATO and the European Union. Unexpectedly, the result was the opposite, which instead brought the United States and many European countries closer to Ukraine. Russia launched its aggression at the end of February but was repeatedly frustrated by the stubborn resistance of Ukraine.

Beginning at the end of April, Russia turned to a large-scale offensive against eastern Ukraine and invested a lot of military forces, but the progress was still not satisfactory. In this case, Biden said that his biggest worry now is, “This scheming Russian leader has no way out now, what will he do next, and how should the United States respond.”


Proofread / Edited by: Jay Z
Chief Editor: Janibek L. David L.
Posted by: Zee Li

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