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According to a May 9th report by The Epoch Times, a video of a Shanghai orphanage sending a living person to a funeral home as a dead person has been exposed online. In response, a volunteer from a Shanghai Pudong nursing home said that the caregivers had learned about body handling and that this was definitely a case of them not double-checking and treat human life as if it were not worth a straw.

On May 1, the film of Shanghai New Long March Welfare Institute sending living people to the funeral home as dead went viral on the internet.

In this regard, Shanghai Pudong New Area Hangtou Town, an elderly care home volunteers said to the Epoch Times, when caregivers deal with the body first to wash, change clothes, and then to fill the body bag, and must also move the body, to hold the body of the elderly.

She said that the nursing staff have learned knowledge of corpse care, they should know that the facial complexion of the corpse, the stiffness of the corpse is different from the living, from the temperature of the corpse can also detect the difference, “you should know when you scrub the old man’s body (dead or not), or it was not scrubbed the old man’s body, did not change clothes, directly into the body bag, absolutely no careful check, just feel no breath and shipped him away, certainly so, they treat human life as if it were not worth a straw.”

Photo from The Epoch Times

She also said, “I have seen the video, people know that the old man is still alive when they touch the body bag, why do you treat this old man as dead. And, this matter is a person cannot decide, certainly to report to the leadership and police station, before you can go to the funeral home. I think they are all irresponsible, including the caregivers, managers, directors and caregivers inside the orphanage.”

She criticized, “This Shanghai epidemic prevention is a flop, and to put it mildly, they are really killing people in Shanghai this time.”

In addition, other netizens have also criticized: “This is attempted murder,” “It’s horrible,” “This is never an isolated case,” “shocking, unheard of, and beyond the bottom line of human decency.”

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