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According to a report by Canada’s “CTV News” on May 4, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, European Commission President von der Leyen urged all member states to gradually ban oil and gas imports from Russia and Intensify sanctions against the Russian biggest banks and broadcasters.

It is reported that about 25% of the EU’s oil and 40% of its natural gas come from Russia. However, since the oil import ban must be unanimously approved by all member states to take effect, for those EU countries that were previously highly dependent on Russia’s energy supply, such as Germany, Hungary and Slovakia will eventually pass or not is unknown.

Although the Ukrainian foreign minister affirmed the above proposal, he also stated that such continuous delay and incomplete semi-sanctions not only make it difficult to effectively support Ukraine in fighting the Russian invasion, but also contribute to Russia’s “continuous payment of oil and gas costs”. Gears of War” keeps funding. He added that any country that continued to buy Russian oil could be seen as “complicit in the crimes committed by the Russian military in Ukraine.”

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