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According to the British [Daily Mail] report on May 4, due to the accessible “freedom of speech” policy that Twitter’s new shareholder Musk will implement on the social media platform, including Soros, Clinton and Obama, as well as European dignitaries, etc. The people behind the anti-Musk movement in China have come forward and demanded that major companies boycott Twitter’s “free speech”.

It is reported that 26 non-governmental activist organizations have jointly sent a letter to various American industry giants such as Coca-Cola and Disney, warning: If Twitter’s current restrictions on hate speech and misleading election information are changed, then they will withdraw advertising investment from the platform.

Musk responded by saying: Various “dark money groups”, such as Soros’ “Open Society Fund”, NGOs under former Presidents Clinton and Obama and foundations that fund Democratic congressmen and their families, and European related labor unions. The dignitaries of various countries are the masterminds who really want to control the public’s access to information.

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Brands should force Twitter to uphold content policies under Musk, advocacy groups say

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