Written by: Ermat

The boxing champion Tyson once said, “Everyone is confident until they get a punch in the face. “Such was the case with Putin, who stepped into the ring with absolute confidence, intending to KO his opponent with a hard punch, but instead was hit hard by his opponent in quick succession. He was a little dazed, a little unsteady on his feet and a little disoriented. The fight broke not only the backbone of the Russian army, but also that of Putin. The tough guy who once was invincible, who could reach the sky above and the ground below, the strong man who once shined brightly and made European countries bow down, no longer exists.

Mr. Guo Wengui pointed out in the live broadcast on May 11 that the defeat of the war, the internal assassination, and the arrest of his family members had left Putin severely damaged and vulnerable.

This “Victory Day” military parade on Red Square shows that Putin is already vulnerable and is making the final struggle. Not only did he lose his energy, but he also looked extremely flustered. In many scenes, he appeared uneasy, to the point of running away in a hurry. Mr. Guo described Putin’s state at the scene at the time.

Yesterday morning, a friend who was there  told me that, apart from the fear of the march, and all sorts of disasters, something terrible had happened at the scene. Twenty minutes after Putin left, they were not allowed to move, and he found out that in another alleyway, one of the squads that had not come up for the parade was missing, that is, the ordinary bullet-proof car. The bullet-proof vehicle was found to be carrying about two dozen people and was tested and found to be loaded with live ammunition. This story is not reported anywhere in the world right now.

Mr. Guo added that after live ammunition was found in the vehicle, they immediately informed their security chief, who then told Defense Minister Shoigu about the situation, and Shoigu saw that it was no good, so they ran. They were afraid of death!

After testing for three times, these live bullets still came in. You can see that the people within Russia who want to take out Putin are definitely the elite. The fact that Putin has not dared to announce the incident so far means that he has not dared to liquidate it, and if he does, he may be liquidated.

Mr. Guo disclosed that a few hours before the parade, Putin took an injection and also received a mysterious phone call that a member of Putin’s family had been arrested. This person was caught in France, holding a map of Putin’s vast wealth and hiding deep in Europe. This is a huge irritant for Putin.

Today’s Russia and Putin are over, the military and the entire country have become sluggish, and can no longer be called a first-line country.


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