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Recently, the CCP forcibly broke into many residential houses, disposing of and destroying items in their homes in the name of epidemic prevention and disinfection, thus arousing public grievances.

According to the Liberty Times report, recently, in Shanghai, Jiangsu, and other places, there have been videos of local epidemic prevention personnel forcibly entering residents’ homes to sterilize. The video shows epidemic prevention personnel randomly discarding the food that the householder purchased and stockpiled and spraying disinfectant on all furniture for so-called sterilization. At the same time, many netizens reported that the epidemic prevention personnel never notified the owner of the household before entering the house.

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Many netizens on social media have left messages expressing their strong dissatisfaction. Some netizens said angrily, just imagining that my private space was invaded by a group of strangers, and my hard-working decorations and beloved items were soaked in disinfectant, I would go crazy. Some netizens questioned whether this kind of disinfecting was scientific and asked the relevant personnel to respond positively. Some netizens even criticized, “Don’t use the banner of infectious disease prevention and control, don’t act scientifically, expand power at will, and trample on the law.”

Earlier, Tong Zhiwei, a famous professor of constitutional law in Shanghai, posted on social media that the act of forcibly breaking into residential houses to sterilize violated the provisions of the Constitution: citizens’ homes are inviolable; illegal searches or illegal trespassing of citizens’ homes are prohibited. There is no law in China that authorizes any institution or individual to let residents hand over their home keys to public officials and then leave their homes for the latter to enter for virus disinfection, including the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases.

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中國強制入戶消毒 無通知又丟棄食物惹民怨

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