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Translated by: MOS Education Team–Mark Wen, Juliet

REUTERS/Lam Yik/File Photo

It was reported, on May 8 the head of the foreign policy of the European Union (EU) situated on the 8th that John Lee Ka-chiu was appointed by the CCP as the new chief executive of Hong Kong, which goes against democratic norms. Lee was a police officer, and former Hong Kong Security Bureau chief, and once suppressed Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement.

“The EU regrets this violation of democratic principles and political pluralism,” said Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy. “The EU calls on Chinese and Hong Kong authorities to abide by their national and international commitments, notably the ultimate aim of electing the Chief Executive and members of the Legislative Council by universal suffrage.”

John Lee Ka-chiu, who was sanctioned by the United States, was the only candidate supported by Beijing in the Hong Kong election. The election committee composed of pro-Communist people pretended to vote, and then Lee, a loyal CCP lackey, took office smoothly.

It is obvious that there is no democracy or rule of law in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has completely surrendered to the dictatorship system of the CCP, and the Pearl of the Orient, which is famous for its independence, freedom and democracy, has disappeared. It is foreseeable that once Lee takes office, Hong Kong will have to be subjected to more brutal repression. Only by eliminating the CCP can a catastrophe like the one in Hong Kong be completely over.


Proofread/Edited by: AlexZ
Posted by: AlexZ

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