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In a live broadcast on May 8, Miles Guo said that Chinese people tend to believe rumors about Xi Jinping’s accident because the Chinese under the CCP rule is a nation like to fantasize. Miles emphasized that Xi’s power is unprecedented now and he will definitely invade Taiwan.

Picture Source: Reader’s Digest

Before the Russo-Ukrainian war, Miles was the first to tell the world that Russia would definitely attack Ukraine and suffer disastrous defeat eventually. The United States and Europe will definitely take actions against Russia until it disintegrates. Miles says that he has many intellegence about the fact of these things, he will neither speculate nor be influenced by anyone. President Zelenskyy, on the other hand, is the one who has touched the world, because he has held his ground in Kiev and that’s a crucial factor to achieve the results of the war today.

Miles Guo believes that the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit Taiwan before June 30, but this will not affect Xi’s determination on attacking Taiwan, and the current international situation will not have dramatical change. A former Israeli prime minister once told Miles Guo that the Chinese are the most fanciful of human beings, that’s why they want to believe Xi Jinping has encountered accident and is no longer around. But the fact is, at present, Xi’s power has been consolidated to an unprecedented degree and the Gang of Shanghai (Jiang Zemin’s faction) is no longer exists.


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